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Introduction to Scouts.Digital

Scouts.Digital is a national-wide, web-based troop management system. Scouts South Africa introduced it in 2017 to consolidate all the troop information across the country in one place and provide a platform for troops to manage their day-to-day administration and broader involvements in the province. It has many features, but the two most used features by most Scouts and parents are advancement tracking and regional course booking.


Account Creation and Logging In

You cannot create an account on Scouts.Digital, you need to be added by one of the Scouters. We create accounts for both the parents and the Scout when a Scout is invested, upon which you will receive an email with your login details (username and password) and instructions on how to log in and change your password.

The URL for the website is:

Naturally, in order for a Scout to access their account, they need an email address. Scouts.Digital does not allow Scout accounts to have the same email address as their parents, and therefore each Scout will need their own email address. We understand that some Scouts  (particularly the younger ones) don't have a personal email address, but unfortunately this is just how the system is set up. We ask that Scouts please create an email address in order to access their Scouts.Digital account and send it through to us so we can add it to the system. If you as a parent do not want your child to have an email address just yet, we ask that you please create and manage an email address for them until you trust them to manage it on their own. 

Navigating Scouts.Digital

Once you've logged into Scouts.Digital, please feel free to browse around the different pages and tabs to get a feel for the system. The first page you'll see is the main dashboard. For Scout accounts, this dashboard will show you your advancement progress - if you think it is out of date please let us know! On the left are a set of different tabs which is how you navigate around the site. At the top right is your name with a drop-down menu; here you can change your profile information and password, manage your notifications, book training, and a few other options.


Booking training (or courses) is such an important process we've given it its own page! Click here to learn how to book courses.

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