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Umer's First Class Hike

Saturday, 19 March 2022

54 Wireless Rd, Kommetjie, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa

For the first camp I've ever run, I'm confident that the camp was a huge success. The campsite that we had chosen was in the perfect position, it was close to both the bathrooms and the exit and there was always something for the kids to do.

The first day was very chilled, we played some cricket, soccer and did all sorts of fun activities and even took a walk to the beach just outside the camp. If it wasn't for the cold wind we would've all taken a dip in the water, but none of us were brave enough to do so because of the cold winds.

The highlight of everyone's day was definitely the little treasure hunt we did in the evening using glowsticks. We ended up playing for over an hour and we didn't realise until we saw the time.

The next day was followed by some traveller advancement and re-packing the trailer to get ready for departure. We took one last photo just for the memories and soon after left to the scout hall.

Umer Majiet


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