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Yelllow Stone Gully Hike

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Yellow Stone Gulley, Table Mountain

For the first time in a while, we decided to ascend Table Mountain via the fairly unknown route known as Yellowstone Gully (or more accurately, Right Face - Arrow Face Traverse.

The route begins at Platteklip Gorge but turns off soon into the climb. We were then taken up Union Ravine for a short while, before moving across in Yellowstone Gully. After another short climb up, we arrived at what looked like a dead end: the path appeared to simply end by fading alongside a cliff. Our trusty guide Will, to our amazement, told us that we were indeed in the right place and proceeded to lead us through what is one of the most amazing experiences on Table Mountain!

From the apparent dead end, the route goes behind (and sometimes through!) some rocks and cave-like structures to take you quite literally across the face of Table Mountain. You then join onto India Venster, look back, see nothing even vaguely path-like, and wonder how on Earth you got there!

Overall, a great hike along a great route, and the always-magnificent sighting of a tahr made it even better. Make sure you don't miss this one in future!


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