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Winter Hike

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Cederberg Municipality, South Africa

This year's winter hike was one to remember. The Cederberg is has some of the greatest views in the world and this year they were no different. The first evening was spectacular. We hiked to a nearby peak to look at some cedar trees and watch the sunset. That night we stargazed atop the roof of the hut. the second day we attempted to Sneeuberg but the weather became to difficult to navigate in and we settled for reaching the saddle. There were a few icy patches but we didn't see any snow.
Unfortunately, this is where our luck ran out and from the second night till the moment we got down the mountain it bucketed with rain. The few small streams that we had jumped across on the way up had suddenly turned into fierce flowing rivers. By the end of the hike not one of us were dry.
However, to make up for the rainy descent, the group traveled to the hot springs in Citrusdal for 2 nights. This experience was amazing and the scouts really enjoyed the hot baths. After the tough hike from the previous days the baths came as a welcome relief and allowed for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.
We arrived back in Cape Town with incredible memories, tired scouts, and smiling faces.


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