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Surf Camp

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Carmel, Victoria Bay Rd, Victoria Bay, 6529, South Africa

19th - 22nd April

On the morning of the Easter long weekend, we packed our cars and trailer with surf boards and wetsuits and set off for Carmel campsite right above the world famous surf spot, Victoria Bay.

We set up camp the first day and, because it was off season, had the entire camping area to ourselves - plenty of space for soccer and frisbee! The weather was wet and cold but our campfire, endless amounts of hot chocolate, and amazing food kept us warm and happy.

All but one of us attempted to surf. One of the scouters, William, actually did surf after lending a hand in teaching the scouts the art of surfing. After a quick warm up, brief explanation, and detailed demonstration, we headed out into the waves to attempt to put what we learned into practice!

We surfed on two of the mornings, and spent the last morning relaxing and enjoying the short break. With the waves crashing behind us and the taste of salt still in our mouths, we headed down the long road back to Cape Town.​​


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