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Cape Agulhas Farm Camp

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Cape Agulhas, South Africa

At the start of the school holidays, nine scouts and two scouters made the trek through to Cape Agulhas for what turned out to be a very eventful weekend indeed. The first evening saw both vehicles getting thoroughly stuck in the mud which was left behind when the rains the week before caused the vlei to overflow.

After completing our afternoon activity of getting the cars unstuck, we proceeded to set up camp and enjoy the surroundings with a casual Friday evening braai. Saturday saw us getting to know our surroundings before setting up a shooting range and teaching the younger scouts how to use an air rifle. The rest of the day was spent walking to the massive sand dunes near the beach, and sandboarding for a substantial portion of the afternoon before heading back to camp for a restful evening.

Sunday was our designated beach day, with a few of the scouts braving the strong winds and ice-cold water to catch the perfect body-boarding wave. Upon heading back to camp, we found our HQ tent lying in a neat pile looking nothing like we had left it. Realising that the wind had bent the poles, and that the weather was due to only get worse on the Monday morning, we opted to head home after a scrumptious roast chicken dinner and slept the night at the scout hall.

All in all, a wonderful time was had by all!


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